Engaged and getting married in Victoria. Our celebrants at the Victorian Marriage Registry

To acquire joined in Victoria, you will need to:

If you need to have partnered at the Victorian Matrimony Registry:

Exact same love union

In Australia, what the law states let relationship between both opposite-sex and same-sex people.


You are able to get married in Victoria if you are:

Should you be 16 or 17 yrs . old, prior to deciding to marry you ought to get:

Hotel A Notice of Anticipated Nuptials

You ought to lodge a the time to find out desired Nuptials (NOIM) a minumum of one thirty days before wedding ceremony big date.

Celebrants and ministers

Marriages in Victoria should be carried out by an authorised celebrant, just like:


The Marriage operate 1961 as well as the Marriage rules regulate relationship around australia. They identify certain requirements that a wedding ceremony must fulfill.

The looks and length of the service is up to you. You might go for:

Your very own celebrant or minister will tell you the wording that your service must integrate.

There’s really no ready costs for a marriage commemoration in Victoria. Verify expenses with all your celebrant or minister before reserving marriage ceremony.

Witnesses at the wedding

Needed two witnesses in your marriage ceremony, toward:

Witnesses may any relative or good friend who is at least 18 yrs . old.

Evidence of union

Individual wedding, you can receive a commemorative matrimony certificates. It’s actually not the same as a legal relationships certification and generally are not useful for established applications as proof the relationships.

As soon as your marriage is actually authorized (your celebrant or minister is going to do this), possible apply for a legal relationship certification.

Altering your identity

Usually, you don’t need to get a difference of brand to take on your spouse’s family members identity. See altering your identity after wedding, divorce or divorce.

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